Saturday, December 22, 2012

last week of work placement

in the last week of the work placement I did many tasks one of them was doing an Marketing Inventory which was about going to the store outside of the company and a list of the Marketing Items that are available in the store and the numbers of them.

Below the pictures:

secondly I went with the company employers to the Clean Up UAE event, after that we went to the Al Medan Hotel to eat the lunch.

Below the pictures:

in the last on Thursday they brought a big cake and gifts for us the interns and Marwan Al Naqi he talks to us and wished us good luck and gave us some advises

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5th Week a training power point

Today I finished the task that Fatma gave me about doing a training power point for the employers about how to change the email signature.
its good that we took course in the College MIS and one of the task was giving a training class for 15 minute

5th week

yesterday I coordinated an photo shoot for the National Development group with Fatma the Marketing Manager which we went to the DCP4 Plant which is one of the district cooling plants.
the photo shoot started at 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm, the picture will be distributed on the newspapers on Saturday.

Today I have to check the photos and how it is suitable for the news.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5th Week December 4 2012

Today I received the filled Marketing Request Form from the HR Department from Noora and she mentioned that she want an assistant from the Marketing Department in providing Brochures roll-ups/back drop stands, event panning and gifts. 

Moreover today I saw the posters at the front door of the company and I was so happy to see it.
below is the picture of the posters 

In addition to that I interviewed Latifa from the HR Department for have 25 minutes because of the limited time the busy schedule  we didn't have much time to talk more.

5th Week the second interview

Today I interviewed Noora from the HR department (recruitment)

she had many thoughts and many wised answers which the interview lasted 40 minutes.

Today we have a photo shoot for the National Development Program and the people who newly joined the company, which they are Mariam from the Finance Department, Fatma Farhan the Marketing Manager, Noora HR Recruitment and Yasmeen from from the customer service.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

4th Week 29 November 2012

Today I made a Greeting Card for the National Day and then it will be sent to the all clients of the Palm Utilities.

My friend Mariam helped me with the design and then I added the logo of the company and the text that my manager Fatma Farhan wanted .

Monday, November 26, 2012

4th Week How to do a Marketing Request Form

Today I learned new thing about making a Marketing Request Form and then we send it to the employers in the company or put it in a shared folder so they can just fill it up and then send it to the Marketing Department.

I made one of the Marketing request form, and it contain the name of the Department, the name of the requester's name, the type of the request which there will be many options and they have to tick in the box that they want, for example, a banner, presentation, roll ups/stands, speaking opportunity and many others.

after I finished it I send it to Noora in the HR Department to fill it up for any request for the career Fair. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

3rd Week, finished the posters

Yesterday I finished the seven posters and I showed them to Fatma the Marketing manager and she showed the HR department and they liked it and they complimented me.

below is one of the posters that will be distributed in the Head office:

I managed to get the National Day distribution items from Watani and I will go to the Store on Thursday.

such as flags, pins, pics and many other items. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2nd Week New Photoshop program

Today I showed Fatma the Manager of Marketing Department the poster for the National Day, she gave me a task to do seven posters about each emirate of the UAE, so today I showed her the poster that I did for Abu Dhabi, She liked it and added some comments on it.

More over doing posters helped me to discover a new program for editing pictures and it so easy to use and there is so many things that you can do with pictures, For example, do a Collage, edit the pictures, put frame,  change the effects and many other things.

Below is the link for the program and yes you can edit the pictures online.

below is a sample of what I did but it still need to be edited.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

2nd week 11 November 2012

Today we had a meeting at 10:30 am to discuss about the National Day event and what activities we are going to have in the day of the celebration.

Fatima the manager of Marketing told me to give them some ideas and to time the meeting, they agreed about me making a movie about UAE and to do posters, moreover we will have an UAE anthem which the employers will sing in the first at 9:15 am.
we decided to do a quiz day and it will be happening during the week of National Day from (25-29).

the meeting really was fun and we had so many ideas from different perspectives, it really helped me to be confident about my ideas and talk it through the meeting 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

1st week 8 November 2012

Today I finished the power point finally and Fatma organized it and added some of her thoughts to it with showing me how to do it.

then we putted the power point in the shared folder and Fatma said she will send it to the HR department then they will send it to the employers in Palm Utilities.

More over I met the Chief Executive Marwan Al Naqi and he gave some advises and talked about the work placement advantages which one of them is that work placement will help me to get more social within a place that is different from College and then he said that I should work hard and submit the work in time because that will give an good impression to the manager or the person who give the tasks and then he or she will give me an offer job.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1st Week 6 November 2012

Today was a challenging day for me because I was given two tasks to do.

The first one was to evaluate and give recommendation on any item that have the Palm Utilities logo. with having the Brand guideline Implementation. Secondly  I had to prepare a presentation about Palm Utilities Pink Day which was about palm utilities having an event in the 18th of October about supporting the Breast Cancer Women there was several activities on that day and Fatma provided me with the pictures and information.

I begun to evaluate the logo on the items from 10:35 AM to 12:30 PM then I prepared the presentation till 3:15 PM, I was afraid that the presentation will not be as Fatma expected but my colleague when he saw the presentation that I made he was surprised and he loved the way that I putted the pictures and the information.

using one of the Microsoft Offices is a good thing for me because it will improve my skills in using it in the future if my Manager asked me to prepare a presentation.

one other thing today I was more sociable and I talked to several employers. who were sitting near to me. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

1st Week 5 November 2012

Today was my first day at Palm Utilities 

I was so worried about the work and how I will deal the employers there, but when I met Claudelle Crasto  HR Manager and Nora they where friendly and helpful.

Firstly they gave me a presentation about Palm Utilities and how does it work then their mission, vision and others. After that they introduced me to the other employers who are working there. 

they already gave me a desk and computer with the password, then I met Fatma Farhan the Marketing Manager who gave me a presentation in the meeting room about Palm Utilities in details, then she gave me my Working Plan for the 6 weeks and what should i begun with and what to do later, I think these tasks are going to improve a lot of my skills.