Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1st Week 6 November 2012

Today was a challenging day for me because I was given two tasks to do.

The first one was to evaluate and give recommendation on any item that have the Palm Utilities logo. with having the Brand guideline Implementation. Secondly  I had to prepare a presentation about Palm Utilities Pink Day which was about palm utilities having an event in the 18th of October about supporting the Breast Cancer Women there was several activities on that day and Fatma provided me with the pictures and information.

I begun to evaluate the logo on the items from 10:35 AM to 12:30 PM then I prepared the presentation till 3:15 PM, I was afraid that the presentation will not be as Fatma expected but my colleague when he saw the presentation that I made he was surprised and he loved the way that I putted the pictures and the information.

using one of the Microsoft Offices is a good thing for me because it will improve my skills in using it in the future if my Manager asked me to prepare a presentation.

one other thing today I was more sociable and I talked to several employers. who were sitting near to me. 

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